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Content, content, content!

Everyone is talking about it but why is it important and who is doing it well?

People are more likely to trust advice from other people than from brands. It will come as no surprise to anyone that Nielsen’s most recent (September 2015) Global Trust in Advertising Survey found that peer-to-peer comms is the most trusted advertising format, with 83% of people completely or somewhat trusting this format. Online users also trust reviews from other consumers, 66% trusting consumer opinions posted online. Clever content marketing can harness the power of peer-to-peer and influencers-to-followers. With the fight for consumer attention becoming tougher and tougher, working with the right content creator can allow a brand to borrow their kudos as well as reaching consumers where they already are.

However, there is good news for overtly branded content as well – with 70% of people trusting brand websites. Broken down simply, consumers want content that either informs or entertains, and will reward content that does this by engaging and sharing. This could range from a high budget, slickly produced video like the famous Dollar Shave Club example to a shareable McVitie’s Buzzfeed quiz tapping into the audience’s joint passions for quizzes and animals. The opportunities are there for the taking for brands ready to move fast into this space.

Caoimhe Maxwell, Joint Head of Wavemaker and Head of Digital


People are not inherently born wanting to consume adverts, however we do like to be entertained, intrigued and fascinated.


Some brands naturally have a great story to tell; take Guinness for example, who tell their story through their heritage within the organisation as portrayed within their latest campaign, "In the pursuit of more". Other brands may not have the same wealth of history to use as a platform for content, or an incredibly exciting story to tell. However, they can open doors to tell their story through partnerships. Take a property such as a TV show, venue, music event, sports association or personality that connects with the relevant demographic in a way that truly reaches out to their passion points and commands their attention.

Through these platforms, we can leverage the attributes, based on fun, passion, pride and trust, and use that existing understanding with the consumer to distill what a brand stands for and what its core values are, to ultimately build a deeper sense of engagement and loyalty.

Gavin Collins, Joint Head of Wavemaker

Ask the Experts | content marketing - Wavemaker