Cannes Advertising Festival 2016

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Cannes Advertising Festival 2016

3 Key Trends


1. Smarter Data Knows What You Did This Summer (and next summer too!)                                                                                                                        

Smarter more intelligent use of data is setting a new level of expectation for the consumer. At the same time, in a hyper personalised, predictive communications future, what’s the role and relevance for the brand? Brands must use data and technology to reimagine how they can be even more useful, entertaining and memorable to their customers.

2. Micro Hugs

Many brands have enjoyed success from championing good causes on a large scale. This years’ winners demonstrated how brands can leverage technology to enhance peoples’ daily lives for a good cause. Insurance brand IF introduced their Slow Down GPS. Toyota turned their Land Cruisers into an emergency WIFI relay system for people in trouble in the Australian outback. And Valspar paint created an optical lens which allows colour-blind people see colour for the first time.

3. 7BN Story Tellers

Live streaming video is here. Facebook Live and YouTube Connect have just made it easier to do it. 360Video, VR and drone technology represent new and exciting opportunities for brand story-telling. But the craft is different and it’s not always easy and risk free in new territory. However those brands that are willing to give it a go are betting a head start.

Cannes Advertising Festival 2016