MEC'S Mark James speaks on media moments that matter at IAB Connect Conference

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MEC's Mark James speaks on Moments that Matter at IAB Connect Conference

MEC's Mark James speaks on Moments that Matter at IAB Connect Conference 


One of the paradoxes of modern life is that we are vastly more information wealthy than we ever
were, but at the same time we are increasingly attention poor.

In the last thirty years we have all put our foot down on the pedal. Whether it’s the fact we have
increased our walking pace by 10%, or that we are sleeping for an hour less every night (both
scientifically proven), but at the same time being asked to remember five times more ‘stuff’ than
we ever were in the mid-1980s.

And since that seemingly primitive grey, 80s time of a pre-network world, then, full of opportunity,
the internet has come along and turned us into browsing, sharing and buying addicts.

Screens and the messages on them continue to multiply in our lives. With that multiplier, internet-everywhere, effect we have been gifted many, many more opportunities to intervene in the customer journey.

We have been given the opportunity to be exciting, dynamic and personal in our brand communications but also to create many more brand sharing opportunities. 

But here’s the rub, I’m not sure how good we have been at always using those opportunities to best effect.
Buying through programmatic platforms has undoubtedly increased efficiencies and opened up choice to us, but it has also launched some pretty awful customer journeys, and some ruthless, real time stalking as we are followed around the web by that kettle that we never bought!

The last few years has also brought with it a Celtic Tiger style content building boom. Like all of Ireland’s still empty apartments or ghost estates, in many cases content is being ‘thrown up’ on the hoof whether there’s an audience for it or not. So, while digital advertising inventory, and digital content is now seemingly infinite, our attention and the ability of our brains to soak up commercial messages remains stubbornly finite.

That’s why defining, creating and choosing the media moments, and then connecting them, is so important. Here at MEC we do this by properly understanding the consumer (through proprietary tools like Momentum), understanding that we have to earn attention, and taking a structured and cohesive approach to content through our major new MEC content initiative ‘Wavemaker’ which is designed to hardwire content into the purchase journey.

MEC's Mark James speaks on Moments that Matter at IAB Connect Conference