Q&A with Matt Davis, Head of Wavemaker MEC UK

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Matt Davis - Head of Wavemaker in MEC UK

Q1. How does Wavemaker work?

It’s pretty straight forwards for us. It all starts with people and the understanding we have through our various data sources and tools. We understand people better than anyone else, based on our data and analytics. This means that we can perfectly plot and plan what kind of content experiences a brand or a business should be providing for people on any given platform or channel at any given time. So if we look at it in terms of steps, our first is really all about ‘discovery’; the discovery around people and culture and behaviours, and our second step is all about ‘design’; designing the right kind of experience for those people on the relevant platforms or channels. We are best placed to do this because we understand how people behave on those channels and what kind of experience they expect. I would say that the next step is for us to ‘develop’ that content experience; when we say develop it means the creation of that experience. We have the skills and expertise in Wavemaker to develop everything from video, to text to imagery; we develop apps and we create live events. For instance, we can ensure the Facebook video in someone’s daily stream is just for them and it’s entertaining them – we call that ‘thumb stopping’ content. We make sure that the images they discover on Instagram are inspirational and the video they watch on YouTube helps and/or informs them. We make sure the event they go to in the shopping centre gives them a great brand experience. It’s our responsibility to take the next step and ‘distribute’ those content experiences that are right for our clients and their business needs. We ensure that our content experiences are distributed so that we create a consistent brand experience across every touch point on a customer’s journey to purchase. We make sure that the content experiences have a purpose in the lives of our client’s customers / audiences. That’s what drives business results. We don’t stop there. ‘Distribution’ isn’t the last step, and in fact there isn’t a last step in what we do. Because we are always measuring and analysing the content experiences we create, we use that insight and data to evolve our campaigns. Our next step is all about taking on board the insight and intelligence we pick up on what people are saying about our content, how they are sharing it, searching for it, watching it and enjoying it. We use all of that understanding to ‘direct’ or ‘redirect’ our distribution of the content, and also in how we ‘develop’ that content to make it better. For instance, if people on Facebook aren’t watching the whole of our video we will shorten it to the point where they scrolled on. If we see people are enjoying content on why ‘balayage’ is big at festivals this year, we will create more content around hair styles at festivals. Right time and reactive content is what people expect. As I said, our approach doesn’t really stop, because content experiences and the places that they live don’t stop either. So the information and intelligence we gather through the direct stage goes right back into our ‘discover’ stage and helps us understand people better, which is where it all starts for us. That intelligence feeds our ever evolving approach to our clients and their business. This is why the content we create is based on data and therefore has a purpose to what it is doing.

Q2. Why is it Revolutionary?

Because of the way that we go about our business! Not just the approach as outlined above but also the way we are structured. We believe the skills and expertise that we have under one roof, no one has ever gathered together before. We do not work in silos, we have a team of experts who work together on a daily basis. It’s that energy and sharing of skills and expertise across the problems and challenges our clients face which makes us unique. We have a mix of content strategists, creatives, content creators, Organic Performance, media partnerships, sports partnerships, TV sponsorships and social media experts all under one roof. In addition we believe we are revolutionary, because by applying our skills and expertise in the approach outlined above, the content we create truly drives and effects business outcomes. I don’t think that there are any other content offerings out there that can confidently say that.

Q3. How will success be measured and what will success look like 1 year on from now?

Success is always measured by how we impact our client’s business. If we don’t do that in a way that we know is right, we will not have been successful. We know we are on the right path and we are going to start to drive that measure of success with our clients as we move forward. The more visible factors of success will include winning awards for our creativity and thinking and moving the industry forwards through our approach and skills set. The collaboration with media owners will also be a key indicator of our success. The more we work creatively with them to ensure our clients are speaking authentically with the right audiences, the more we will be doing the right kind of content co-creation. Media owners are our partners in this venture. Cocreation and collaboration are key.

Matt Davis - Head of Wavemaker in MEC UK