MEC Ireland launches Wavemaker - Content marketing specialists

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MEC Ireland launches Wavemaker - its specialist content offer

Today MEC Ireland, launches MEC Wavemaker, its  specialist content offer that brings together content strategy, social, partnerships and experiences, SEO and creative service expertise, one of the first communications in Ireland to do so.

The importance of content as a marketing tool continues to grow. There have never been more opportunities to distribute content and never been as many willing advocates to share it. However it has also never been easier to get branded content wrong.

MEC Wavemaker creates content based on insights from MEC’s unique purchase journey planning approach MEC Momentum. This looks at a brand’s purchase journey and identifies where content can deliver business impact.

MEC Wavemaker consolidates MEC’s content strategy, social, partnerships and experiential, organic search and creative services expertise into one unit to provide clients with a single solution that is agile and accountable. By simplifying what can be a complicated process for clients, this reorganisation is designed to deliver effectiveness through continuous measurement and optimisation.

David Hayes Ireland chief executive at MEC, said: “As the world of communications continues to evolve and socially fuelled conversations grow, there is a fantastic opportunity for brands to get involved in that space and branded content is a very effective way to do it”

In Ireland MEC Wavemaker will be led by Gavin Collins, former head of MEC Access and Caoimhe Maxwell head of Digital. Their complementary skills across content, digital and social will provide leadership to clients to ensure that brand content strategies are built around the customer to drive sales and lifetime value.

Speaking about the announcement, Caoimhe Maxwell said: “Evolving consumer trends mean that we need to look beyond traditional advertising solutions and find ways of telling an entertaining and engaging brand story.” Gavin Collins added: “Because we understand how people behave and how they buy, we can give them content they will enjoy at the right points on their purchase journey to impact a brand’s performance.”


General Mills are partnering with MEC on the launch of MEC Wavemaker. Gráinne Galvin, Brand Manager at General Mills commented, ‘We are delighted to be working with MEC on this media first. MEC brought fresh thinking and strategy to our recent Yoplait Masterbrand campaign. The results were the best we had seen for this product in the Irish market. We look forward to seeing a new level of insights from MEC Wavemaker with the upcoming Nature Valley campaign.’

The launch of MEC Wavemaker builds on recent success for MEC’s content, which was recently recognised in both the Sponsorship Awards and Media Awards for 2016

MEC Wavemaker launched globally in 10 countries: UK, USA, The Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, Middle East, Singapore and Germany. Other markets will follow throughout the year and the division will have 750 people globally.


MEC Ireland launches Wavemaker - its specialist content offer