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MEC campaigns - Paramount Pictures and General Mills

Here at MEC, we are lucky to have clients who allow us to create innovative and exciting campaigns. Recently, we worked with Paramount Pictures and General Mills to develop OOH campaigns which had great success. It was a pleasure working with Paramount Pictures and General Mills on both campaigns and we look forward to future projects!

Paramount Pictures
Prior to the release of the new psychological thriller, mother!, MEC and Paramount worked with Headcase to create murals on Richmond Street in Dublin. The mural showcased the artistic achievement and rich symbolism of the film. The two portrait mural is divided into sides with Jennifer Lawrence, the female lead, holding a bleeding heart while surrounded by flowers. The other side of the mural features Javier Bardem surrounded by flames which signifies the dark theme of the film. Additionally, the mural is framed with fresh flowers around Jennifer Lawrence and dead flowers around Javier Bardem. The mural was completed in one day and received a positive response from the media as well as from locals. The creation of the mural can be watched here. 


General Mills
General Mills recently announced a new ‘Peanut and Chocolate Protein bar’ which would be part of their Nature Valley range. To mark the occasion, MEC and Kinetic Innovation took over two bus shelters at Rathmines and George Street due to their high commute traffic. To create a buzz around the new bars, the bus shelters were transformed into vending machines which offered free bars to commuters. The interactive OOH campaign featured a red button which when pressed counted down from 4 minutes and dispensed a bar once the wait was over.  The campaign not only generated awareness but it also allowed consumers to sample the delicious bars!

nature valley


MEC campaigns - Paramount Pictures and General Mills