MEC VOD Checklist for best practice in video activity

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MEC VOD Checklist

How people consume digital video is constantly evolving. More devices, more platforms, more content on demand and more formats have fragmented your targeted audience. It is important for every marketer to have a checklist when briefing your agency on any video activity.

  1. Is online video right for my brand/category/target audience
  2. Where is the video to be hosted?
  3. Goals (e.g. Reach for TVC distribution - views? Build awareness? Drive online/offline sales [is there a conversion element to the campaign]? YouTube Channel subscriptions? Sharing?)
  4. Type of Video Content (e.g. TVC - new or existing? Dedicated web content, longer form, education content)
  5. Video Specifics (e.g. Is the video new or old? Has it been 

    promoted previously, and, if so, how many views to date? What is the second length? Is there more than one piece of copy? Is it brand or offer led? Is it time sensitive?)
  6. Format (e.g. Is it pre-roll only or are there other video 

    ad units? Should it be forced or skippable?)
  7. Targeting criteria (e.g. Who is the target audience? 

    Is there a role for remarketing?)
  8. What other digital/offline activity is running concurrently?
  9. What audience are we delivering with online video?
  10. Does my online video plan mirror or complement my linear TV plan?
  11. Is my online video creative designed to mirror TV or tell a different story? Is it intended to deliver (additional) reach, or virality and engagement?

With integration and the blurring of lines of digital video, advertisers should be considering a multi-format approach to planning and buying video. With ever increasing consumer choice, limiting your activity to one video platform potentially means missing out on some of your target audience. The digital video audience is already broad and growing quickly, so it is important to adapt your communication plans to reflect this.


MEC VOD Checklist