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Meet Our IT Tallaght Graduates: Tara Keenan

Tara graduated from IT Tallaght in 2017 and joined MEC as a communications executive. While she is one of our newest recruits, Tara has been a valuable asset to the team and works on brands which include General Mills and Weirs and Sons. Part three of our Q&A looks at how the Tara's perception of the media world has changed within three months and how her learning from IT Tallaght have helped her while at MEC. 


Based on what you learned at IT Tallaght, what has helped you the most while at MEC? 
Throughout my 4 years in Advertising and Marketing Communications, I really enjoyed the practical side of the course. Getting the opportunity to work on the Advertising Portfolio Modules in both 3rd and 4th year where we worked with MEC and Kinetic gave me a huge insight into the advertising industry. Working directly as a team with real clients and some of the top media planners in the industry gave me the confidence coming to MEC and working with big brands.

What did you expect coming into MEC, in terms of the kind of work you’d get to do — and did it turn out different than you expected?
I didn’t expect the amount of planning and detailing that goes behind each aspect of a campaign whether it’s a Facebook ad or a poster. I also didn’t expect it to be as creative, where we get together as a team and think outside the box to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to target our audiences.

Meet Our IT Tallaght Graduates: Tara Keenan