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Meet our IT Tallaght Graduates: Phoebe Laing

This week marks the start of our 2017/2018 collaboration with final year advertising students at IT Tallaght. We are very excited about the collaboration and look forward to the wonderful ideas and campaigns these students will be developing over the upcoming months.

At MEC, we are very fortunate to have three current employees who previously completed the course and we asked them to share their words of wisdom for the soon to be graduates. The first in our three part IT Tallaght graduate Q&A is Phoebe Laing. 

A 2013 graduate, Phoebe jumped into the media world and joined our team as an account executive in 2014. Over the past four and a half years, Phoebe has been a great asset to MEC and is now a senior account manager across brands such as Yoplait and Screwfix. 

How has media changed since you joined MEC in 2014?
The media industry and its’ approach has definitely evolved since I joined back in 2014! There has been a major shift towards people focused advertising rather than traditional brand advertising. The two elements that I believe are shaping the industry now are, content that connects and data that personalises. By this I mean reaching consumers through meaningful content that either entertains, is useful or can make an emotional connection on behalf of the brand. Through data we can tailor messaging so that it reaches the right person in the right mind-set.  

What has been the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on?
Without a doubt it has to be Yoplait - I Love My Age campaign that ran back in 2016! To be involved in such an incredible campaign that reached so many people at the heart while also making such a strong emotional connection with the Irish consumers. It’s rare that you work on campaigns that can both inspire consumers while also engaging them. 

Be sure to check back throughout the week to hear more advice from our two other graduates and find out which exciting client the IT Tallaght students will be working with. 

Meet our IT Tallaght Graduates: Phoebe Laing