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IAB Digital Ad Spend Jan - June 2016

On Wednesday last, the IAB released the latest digital ad spend report for H1 2016 (Jan - June) showcasing the latest break down of spend across digital platforms. Complied by PWC the report documents a momentous result that mobile ad spend has overtaken desktop for the first time ever. This is up 67% from 2015 with a total spend of €108.5m meaning mobile ad spend now represents €1 in every €2 of total digital spend.


Overall there has been a 33% growth of ad revenues of €216m compared to €162m in H1 2015.  Some key points driving this growth below:


-          59% increase in spend on display advertising from H1 2015. It now holds 43% of total digital ad spend which is being driven by Native advertising

-          Finance advertising category is driving this growth as the top spending category in display

-          Paid search has grown 21% YOY with total spend at €108m in H1 2016

-          Social media and VOD mirror the trend of increased ad spend with an increase of 130% and 89% from H1 2015 to reach €50.8m and €20.8m respectively.


So what are some of the contributing factors behind these increases? It can largely be attributed to the growth of digital consumption - 80% of Irish adults now use a smartphone. Because of the increase in the number of people online, as well as the time spent online, digital is now a top focus for marketing spend of Irish marketers in 2016. 28% of Irish marketers will give between 21%-50% at their overall marketing budget to digital in 2016. This trend is set to continue with PWC predicting a further 16.5% growth per year in Irish digital spend during 2016-2020. No prizes for guessing what medium will continue to drive this growth!


IAB Digital Ad Spend Jan - June 2016