IAB Mobile Connect 2016

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IAB Mobile Connect 2016

Last week,  MEC Ireland attended the IAB Mobile Connect 2016 Conference in the Guinness Storehouse where the advertising industry took stock of mobile market trends, advertiser best practice, campaign case studies and guidelines for future planning.


In total, nine speakers across publishers, agencies, brands and technology providers, discussed how changes in the mobile device landscape are impacting on their business, and what elements they’re focusing on to best deliver on their own specific requirements or key performance indicators.


There were 3 underlying threads woven throughout each talk across the morning, encompassing:

  • Speed
  • Testing and Learning
  • Goal Setting and Measurement



When it comes to mobile advertising, speed is a crucial factor when considering or planning a mobile communications strategy. Its importance can be illustrated across the number of touchpoints it can impact upon throughout the planning process, including;

-          Format selection – Ensuring advertisers and brands are adhering to the IAB’s recommended LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad Choice Supported and Non-Invasive Ads) Formats to give your campaign the best possible chance of being seen.

-          Mobile site optimisations – ensuring mobile landing pages are loading as quickly as possible and Google PageSpeed Test tool is an easy way for any advertiser to test this, and ensuring slow experiences don’t  see users fall off before completing the journey.

-          Capturing attention – On a channel where endless thumb scrolling is the norm, advertisers need to ask whether the initial 1 – 3 seconds of their content is enough to make a user’s thumb stop. When you actually take the time to test this on your device, 3 seconds can feel like an eternity so the faster advertisers can capture the attention of the user, the better.

-          Leveraging technologies – Consider the mobile platforms your content is being consumed through and how the hardware can help streamline the experience – e.g. Fingerprint logins or add to basket barcode scanners – avoid the gimmicks and focus on how your brand can simplify experiences or streamline processes to add value.

-          Reasons  for m-commerce – When we consider the top 3 reasons consumers are engaging in mobile commerce (time, convenience and difficulty finding product in-store), we can see how speed is a common factor throughout.



At a time when both the digital landscape, including mobile devices and platforms, and user behaviour are changing rapidly, it’s important we continue to test and learn, both at the pre-planning and in-campaign stages. At the pre-planning stage it’s important to consider what content consumers will be looking for, does our brand help address this, is it easily found, is it built for mobile (scannable and legible on small screens) and have we allowed time for all our new on-site campaign content to be crawled by search engines so that’s it’s organically discoverable.


When it comes to in-campaign testing and learning, to drive best mobile performance, it’s prudent to A/B test as many variations as resources allow across landing page design options, entry form requirements, calls to action, asset imagery, copy variations or even target audiences.


It’s also worth noting that not one person or agency is going to have the answers to all of this, and cross agency teams need to pull together to identify the most effective approaches to these current challenges.



Ultimately, mobile advertising provides us with a plethora of data points and metrics, where it can be easy to get lost in the big data. These data points should simply be used as indicators to help identify movements in performance, while the ultimate question is – did any of these changes help us sell more?!


Our focus should be on using digital media to be relevant to more people, and data (if used effectively) can help us do this. Aiming to deliver content/answers/products as speedily as possible while learning as we go should help us achieve this.


IAB Mobile Connect 2016