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The Future of Mobile Video


Colleen Savage, Head of Strategy, and Paul McPartlin, Head of Analytics and Insights, took to the stage at the 2017 IAB MoVi Conference this morning at the Guinness Storehouse. 


They were presenting a new piece of research called “More mobile, more opportunities” which aimed to understand the emerging behaviours and needs associated with mobile video and the opportunities for brands to better engage with customers.


The key finding were that Irish mobile video users are consuming more video throughout the day, across a wide variety of platforms. This increase is down to mobile video satisfying more needs and as a result, people’s mobile video consumption has become a lot more personal. Brands need to be aware of these changing patterns of media consumption and be ready to adapt to new challenges and opportunities that arise with new technology.


For more information, please contact Paul McPartlin at or Colleen Savage at


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The Future of Mobile Video